Flamenco Wine Dinner

Flamenco Boston is coming to Bocado Worcester on June 14th, and if you love music, dance, food, and wine— you should buy a ticket now, before they’re gone.

What is Flamenco?

Historically, Flamenco is an art-form that comprises cante (singing), toque (guitar playing), baile (dancing), jaleo (vocalizations and chorus clapping), palmas (handclapping), and pitas (fingersnapping). While the origin of flamenco is disputed, the tradition can be traced back to Andalusia, Spain. 

Flamenco, as a dance form, does not restrict the performer. There are lots of different, distinct palos, or types of flamenco dance. The distinguishing factor between the different types is the intention of the performer—emotional expression being the goal, through adherence to flamenco tradition and rhythm. 

The dancer, once engulfed in the passion of the song, bursts into performance gracefully navigating an emotional display of language conveyed through movements of their body. Many dancers consider flamenco a language that they are communicating, their bodies the vessels of communication.

Who is Flamenco Boston?

Flamenco Boston, founded by flamenco dancer Lauren O’Donnell, is a group of artists that perform together throughout the state of Massachusetts. The group is comprised of experienced artists that have all spent years studying and perfecting their craft most notably in Spain, but all over the world. 

Antonio Tiriti Tran, a guitarist for Flamenco Boston, began studying music at the age of twelve. He began his musical career as a percussionist, but later transitioned to guitar without formal training. Tran instead travelled to Spain twice, for a total of twelve weeks, to develop his guitar skills. During both trips he spent the majority of his time trying to find flamenco performances and guitarists he could learn from. He returned to the States and spent considerable time perfecting his craft and now relishes each chance to perform with his fellow artists in Flamenco Boston. 

“It’s kind of like a langauge,” says Tran, on flamenco. “A lot of it is improvised…a lot of people think it’s a story, but it’s not really a narrative, it’s more of about the emotion or the sentiment.” 

Flamenco Boston dancer Yosi Karahashi grew up in Japan, but travelled to Spain to fulfill her dream of studying flamenco and ended up staying for 16 years. While in Spain, Yosi studied at the legendary flamenco school Amor de Dios in Madrid. She moved to Boston in 2012 and has been very active in the Greater Boston dance scene. 

Yosi agrees with Tran in that Flamenco is an expression of language.

“When dancing, I can be myself,” says Karahashi. “I can say what I want.” 

Why Bocado?

The Flamenco Boston crew is no stranger to Bocado, having performed at the restaurant many times before, most notably on occasion for New Year’s celebrations. So, what keeps them coming back to perform?

“It’s a really beautiful restaurant,” says Tran. “It’s very Spanish, and not even just Spanish, it’s very Flamenco — the dark, black and red theme…every event has been great so far.”

What makes Bocado a great venue for Flamenco, however, is the experience it offers.

“It’s intimate,” says Tran. “It’s not like going to a theatre show and your fifteen rows away from the dancer, it’s very intimate and it’s very similar to what you would find when you go to a traditional spot in Spain for Flamenco.”

Flamenco Wine Dinner Menu:

Assortment of Artisan Cheeses and Charcuterie

arugula, crispy chick peas, chopped vegetables, boquerones garlic dressing, feta, olives

roasted fennel, Fresno chili, toasted coriander torn croutons

red pepper tzatziki, rosemary allioli

Spanish succotash, chorizo gremolata, green herbs

crispy curry fingerlings, wilted greens, harissa yogurt sauce

vanilla mango crème fraîche, candied nuts, fresh fruit

Tickets for Flamenco Boston’s performance at Bocado Worcester on June 14th are on sale now. Enjoy an authentic Flamenco performance paired with chef’s featured experience, wine and sangria for $95 per person (includes tax and gratuity). You can purchase your tickets here: https://www.nichehospitality.com/event/flamenco-wine-dinner-7/