Restaurants with Function Rooms Worcester MA: Nonna’s Pizza + Pasta

If you’re looking for restaurants with function rooms Worcester MA has a perfect pick in Nonna’s Pizza + Pasta.

Nonna’s was developed as an ode to Nonna, Cliff Rucker’s mother-in-law. Months and months went into developing recipes that could do her incredible cooking justice on a large scale. Located in the Worcester Ice Center, the goal is to deliver the warm, loving, and comforting food you would get at Nonna’s house in a fast-casual setting. And, if you’ve been searching for “restaurants with function rooms Worcester MA,” Nonna’s delivers – with seated dinners for up to 80 guests, and cocktail-style events for up to 100 guests!

The Battle of Two Pizzas

Nonna’s Pizza & Pasta is still a newcomer on the Worcester pizza scene. Unlike most competitors in the city, Nonna’s is now offering two distinct pizza styles to guests: New York Style Thin Crust Pizza and Thick Crust Grandma Style Pizza. Both scratch made dough’s have specific preparations, flavors, and attributes that make them unique.

The Grandma Style Pie is unlike any other pie in the city. The fresh dough is put into olive oil lined pans and left to rise for hours before it’s ready for the oven. This creates a light, airy dough. The first layer on the pie is actually cheese, which is then drizzled with fresh tomato sauce. So the pizza itself looks a bit inside out. The whole pie is then covered with a generous helping of Parmesan cheese and cooked inside the pans in Nonna’s brick lined ovens. This puts the perfect crust on the light, airy dough and creates a thick, hearty pie. Pieces are more accurately described as slabs than slices. They are hearty and large, the perfect comfort food on a cool New England Fall day.

We serve these pies, and other hearty and delicious fare, at events in our restaurants with function rooms. Worcester, MA residents and visitors know pizza and love Nonna’s.

We <3 New York Style Pizza

On the other end of the pizza spectrum, the New York Style Thin Crust Pizza looks just like the pizza emoji. It’s a thin, crispy crust with a thin layer of tomato sauce and a generous helping of mozzarella cheese on top. Nonna’s dough is stretched into a 16 inch circle as soon as the order comes in and is cooked directly on the brick lined oven for 5 minutes. The oven gives the crust a light char that provides a nice crunch when you bite into it. Nonna’s originally released this style of pizza as a limited time special to provide variety to our guests. It ended up developing a cult following and we received some backlash for removing it from the menu. After a few days of discussion, Nonna’s decided to put the New York Style Pizza back on the menu with a catch. Because the preparation is so different from the pan pizza, Nonna’s decided to only make five thin crust pizzas a day. Due to the high demand, we recommend calling ahead to reserve a pick up time for your pizza to ensure you get one!

Restaurants with Function Rooms Worcester MA: Choose Nonna’s for an Italian-American Experience

While pizza is Nonna’s main focus, their menu also includes a variety of pasta, grinders, salads, and house made gelato, so that there is something for everyone. A large parking lot and plenty of seating make it a great spot for a casual dinner, or pick take out up from on your way home from work. We’re also the perfect choice among restaurants with function rooms in Worcester, MA. Whatever your preference, Nonna’s has something for you. To check out the menu and order online go to: